Our mission is to foster the development of the Fintech sector in Austria and CEE, be an active contributor to the eco-system and facilitate communication and cooperation within the community as well as external participants.


Purposes & Measures


Clear statements and messaging by political stakeholders


Creation of a regulatory service platform

in combination with a fintech service/innovation center; a publication of relevant regulatory rulings; focussed staff at regulatory bodies, most notably FMA; possibiliy to file applications and conduct regulatory communications in English language; more targeted, product-specific self-service explanation

Public-private interactions: Tenders, competitions etc.

RegTech innovations by FMA, OeNB; Applications for public administration, land/commercial registers, VAT fraud prevention etc.

Harmonisation of laws in line with European and International standards

Factoring-Gesetzgebung (para 1 (1) 16 BWG: It is a banking service in Austria, requiring a banking license, not so in EU countries, this led to a boom in the sector in e.g. Germany; Revamping f Austria's Aktiengesetz (AktG) and potentiel creation of an AG Light, e.g. similar to Switzerland or UK


Financial education at schools and Information exchange and educational workshops with all industry stakeholders