Purposes & Measures

Here you can find general information about the Finance Sector in Austria and some detailed information about the purposes and measures of Fintech Austria.

Our Members


Our Team

Alexander Valtingojer

Alexander Valtingojer is a seasoned fintech leader with a deep-rooted passion for blockchain and cryptocurrency. Since 2015, he has been actively involved in the industry, starting with Bitcoin trading and later delving into various entrepreneurial ventures. In 2020, he focused his expertise on Coinpanion, leading the development of an innovative wealth management solution for the crypto market. As the President of the association, Alexander brings extensive knowledge and a proven track record of success to drive FinTech Austria forward.

Aleksandar Vrglevski

Aleksandar Vrglevski comes originally from the Blockchain ecosystem. Starting as a freelance researcher in 2015 and later on employee at the RIAT research institute, he finally took on the position of technology expert at the Vienna Business Agency for the topics of Blockchain, FinTech and open source in 2019. He is part of the strategic board of the Austrian Blockchain Center and is acting as Vice President of FinTech Austria.

Florian Pircher

Florian Pircher is a valuable asset to the organization, lending his technical expertise to various aspects of website development and organizational management. As a product manager at Coinpanion, he leverages his skills to ensure seamless technical implementation and smooth operations.