Fintech Week 2023

Join us in Vienna from November 13-17, 2023 for the Fintech Week!

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Welcome to the FinTechWeek Vienna 2023!

This year, we've teamed up with various key players from the FinTech, banking, insurance and legal sectors to give you an in-depth look at the various segmental developments that will shape the Austrian FinTech ecosystem as a whole in 2023.

The Vision

Meet. Connect. Innovate.

The Vision of the FinTechWeek is to build a strong bridge between the startup FinTech, the incumbent Banking, and the compliant Regulatory worlds to foster close cooperation and mutual understanding. Together we are stronger!

The Topics

Ai. Blockchain. Regtech.

If you are wondering what has happened in the past year, look no further. We've got high-calibre panels, insightful presentations and engaging keynotes for you, covering everything from financial literacy to the future of payments, the real world of crypto, regulatory updates and developments affecting various segments of FinTech, PropTech, blockchain and securities. Check out the detailed schedule and register quickly - tickets usually sell out quickly!

The Schedule

The Partners

Special Thanks to Everybody

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who partnered, organised and supported the non-profit FinTechWeek Vienna 2019. Without you it would not have been possible. Viribus unitis!


How do I sign up?
This year, all registration happens through a common platform. Simply click the “get ticket” button in the Events section. They’re free but limited. You will be redirected to register first with LinkedIn, Gmail, or another Email address. Then, simply sign up for the respective event(s) that you want to attend. To connect with people and be found easier for example for cooperations, you can fill out your profile and link your profile with the right hashtags.
Do I have to attend all events?
No, you can sign up individually for the event(s) that interest(s) you. We know that time is limited and would like to see you whenever is best for you.
Do I have to pay for the tickets?
All tickets, except FINTECHMATTERS, which is a specialized conference within the Week, are free of charge. Please check the event details for further information.
I want to learn more about FinTech and don’t have much background. Can I still attend?
Of course. One of our goals is to foster financial literacy. Therefore, the FinTechWeek is designed in a way that everyone is welcome. If you don’t understand something, don’t be shy to ask during the sessions. Please also read our Blog where some foundation of FinTech will be introduced.
How do I find the tickets that I signed up for? How do I sign up for more tickets?
You can do everything on “My Profile”: On the Website Menu in the right corner, click on the “My Profile” section. You will be redirected to the Event Registration page, where you can see all your events, sign up for more, cancel your tickets, see who’s attending with you, and message people for coffee & meeting requests, discuss business and ideas.
Do I need to bring the tickets to the Events?
Yes, please download the APP of B2Match in your respective store. Log in with your credentials and there you have all your tickets with a QR code at your fingertips. No ticket = no entrance due to capacity reasons.
What do I do if I signed up but cannot make it anymore?
Due to limited tickets, please cancel the ticket in due time. On the Website Menu in the right corner, click on the “My Profile” section. You will be redirected to the Event Registration page, where you can see all your events & cancel your tickets.
Where do I sign up for regular updates for the FinTechWeek?
Thank you for your interest in being part of the FinTech ecosystem in Austria! Please go to the “News” section and leave your email address in the box. You will receive a confirmation email.
What language will be used at the presentations?
The week is predominantly in English; however, due to national law and specific jargon, some parts of the event or some events will be held using the German language. Please check the Event Details to be on the safe side!
What is the location of the FTWV’19?
The locations are distributed within the heart of the financial, legal, and startup sector in Vienna. Please check thoroughly where your event takes place. Check either the Event or the My Profile sections. There is enough time between the events to use public transport to transfer from one location to the next.

Your Voice

Let's Co-Create. Together.

Would you like to leave your feedback in the form of comments, remarks, suggestions, cooperation requests, complaints? Then please feel free to reach out to us! We will get in touch with you shortly.


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