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10th Meetup @ SkyLounge

FinTech Austria meets Deposit Solutions, GINI, N26 @ RBI

Prominent LineUp of Speakers. Pluvious afternoon. Promising venue. On June 26th, 2018, the vast majority of Vienna’s FinTech Community ventured out to the 10th MeetUp of FinTech Austria hosted by the SkyLounge at Raifeisen Bank International. The conference room not only had a picturesque view over the heart of rainy Vienna but was also bursting once Patrick Poeschl, the Chairman of FinTech Austria, kicked off the sold out meetup with introducing the special LineUp: Deposit Solutions, GINI, and N26 – all 3 FinTechs had either started their operations or obtained a key customer base in Austria and were eager to share their success stories.

Elevator Labs

Maxmilian Schausberger, Programm Lead of Elevator Lab, opened his speech with "my job here is done”, as he was overlooking the full house at the SkyLounge. Max’s mission was to set up the biggest fintech accelerator in the CEE region, and to help startups that are waiting to conquer the Western market to scale their products through RBI’s elevator labs. The program comprises 16 weeks of virtual non-equity validation, which gives access to RBI’s 14 markets and to more than 16,5 million customers through remote interactions. Speedinvest and Uniqua will be the Elevator Program’s next ventures.
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